Our Summer Vacation 2009

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We had a great time in Stone Harbor at the beginning of September. I’ve been meaning to post a story linking to some of our photos of the trip, but I’ve been busy.

Jimmy and Peter loved the Jersey Shore this year. Peter enjoyed sitting on the beach blanket and playing with his toys. Jimmy loves the water and digging in the sand.

The biggest problem of the whole week was that the ocean was rough. That meant that Jimmy had to be in arms length of one of us while he was in the water, even on the guarded beaches.

I tried to disconnect from the daily rat race as much as I could during the week. I posted to Twitter minimally. I didn’t do much with Facebook either.

I got online for a little while most nights after we put Jimmy and Peter to bed. But it was never a priority. It was the right decision.

Did I mention that we love firetrucks?