Swingset: Finished!

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I haven’t been keeping up on the status of the swingset lately.  I’m sorry if you were depending upon posts to this site to see the progress.  The swingset is finished.  I finished it back on July 5, and Jimmy and Peter have gotten a ton of use out of it.

Front View of the Completed Swingset

I think it’s safe to say that I learned a lot about carpentry tools through the process of assembling this kit.  Toward the end, I was able to drill some holes myself that hadn’t been properly piloted.  I wouldn’t have known where to do that before I started such a large assembly project.

The best part of doing this, however, is that Jimmy and Peter have a great backyard playground assembled at a fraction of the cost of most comparable swingset kits we compared.  It is possible for a geeky dad to build a kit like this from the ground up.  Thanks to my brother Scott and to Kathleen for their help with parts of the job.