Operation Gadget Relaunches, PedsApps Launches

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Over the past couple of weeks, Kathleen and I have worked together on relaunching OperationGadget.com, which is my technology blog that I started in 2003.  We also launched PedsApps.com which will be Kathleen’s site that will focus on iPhone and iPad applications that are of interest to Pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and other care providers, as well as to the parents of their patients.

These sites are currently sharing a modified version of the Rainier Theme that ships with Movable Type 5

I’m glad to bring Operation Gadget back at this point.  The technologies that I’ve talked about and evangelized over the years are more relevant than ever.  There is no end of ideas to talk about, ways to make ourselves more productive, and ways to use technology to follow sports and manage our personal fitness.  All of this is in Operation Gadget’s wheel house.

I think Kathleen’s site will take off quickly.  Although a number of people have staked out the medical apps niche, nobody is dominating the space.  Kathleen has discovered that there is an audience for her writing, and there’s no stopping her now.

Although these sites have different audiences, you’ll see features from one site end up on the other, where it’s appropriate.  I hope you enjoy them.