Jimmy's Morning as the Weather Kid on WXTU

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Our son Jimmy was chosen to be the Weather Kid on The Doc and Andie Show on 92.5 WXTU in Philadelphia this morning.  He had a lot of fun and did a great job.

Jimmy had to get up at 6:30 in order to talk to Doc and Andie during one of the breaks when they were not on the air.  During that time, they asked him about Goodnoe Elementary School, who his favorite guitar player was, and whether he wanted to play for the Flyers some day.  Doc and Andie’s producer, Crockett, recorded his answers and his weather report during that call, and they used portions of it at the scheduled times for the weather report.

He had a great time listening to himself on the radio.  A lot of people emailed, texted, and connected with us on Facebook and Twitter, saying that they heard Jimmy and thought he sounded great.  I’ll bet a lot of the kids at Goodnoe will want to be the Weather Kid on XTU now that Jimmy has done it.

I recorded Jimmy’s appearance on 92.5 at 8:40am, and created a sound clip that’s embedded in this post.  I hope you’ll take a moment and listen to it.

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